Communication is Aid

When disasters hit people need good information as well as food, water, shelter and medical care. What should they do to be safe, are loved ones alive and where can they receive help? 

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  • Communication is key to overhaul safeguarding

    Marian Casey-Maslen | Wed, 31 Jul 2019

    For many, the word safeguarding does not mean very much. It does not necessarily capture people's experience or understanding of these ...

  • Innovation only works for people if participation is core

    Hannah Murphy | Tue, 30 Jul 2019

    We’ve seen first-hand how innovation will only work long term for people affected by disaster if they have a key role in the process and ...

  • Learning from communities in Nepal

    Soledad Muniz, InsightShare; Tamar Gabay, BRC UK; and Sushama Pandey, BRC Nepal | Thu, 4 Jul 2019

    British Red Cross and the Nepal Red Cross Society wanted to integrate more participatory approaches into their planning, monitoring, ...

  • Tools and resources for the Mozambique response

    CDAC Network | Tue, 4 Jun 2019

    All of the tools and resources developed by the CDAC Network for the response in Mozambique in Portuguese and the three key local languages ...

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The CDAC Network is a growing platform of more than 30 humanitarian, media development, social innovation, technology, and telecommunication organisations, dedicated to saving lives and making aid more effective through communication, information exchange and community engagement.

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