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This section contains materials which can be used to advocate for improved communication with disaster affected communities during a humanitarian response.

Outreach Materials

  • CDAC Strategy 2016-2021

    CDAC | Feb 2017

    Taking Communication and Community Engagement during emergency preparedness and response to a higher level to save lives, help participation in developing response and recognising the right of those affected to have their voices heard.

  • Definition and key advocacy messages for Communication with Communities

    Martin Dawes | Dec 2015

    What is Communication with Communities? And why should humanitarian professionals invest in it? This resource gives a definition, advocacy messages and examples to back up the argument on how communication is changing aid.

  • Fanning the Flame: The CDAC Network - A Movement For Change

    Ros Tennyson | Feb 2015

    Fanning the Flame: The CDAC Network – A Movement for Change tells the story of the Network’s formative years; a time of forming and storming as the diverse Membership set about building a movement for fundamental change in the way the humanitarian sector operates.

  • The CDAC Network Moving Forward: Strategy 2012-2016 January

    CDAC Network | Jan 2012

    The CDAC Network Strategy provides a framework for action for the CDAC Network over the five-year period 2012 to 2016.

About the CDAC Network

The CDAC Network is a growing platform of more than 30 humanitarian, media development, social innovation, technology, and telecommunication organisations, dedicated to saving lives and making aid more effective through communication, information exchange and community engagement.

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