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  • Vanuatu: Responding To Disaster

    CDAC Network | Sep 2020

    Tropical Cyclone Harold, which made landfall in Vanuatu on 6 April 2020 was the first time the Vanuatu CCE Sub-Cluster was activated in an emergency, and its preparedness work put to the test. This photo essay outlines what happened.

  • Communicating with communities in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai

    CDAC Network/Mercedes Sayagues | May 2019

    This photo story from the CCEA coordinator, Mercedes Sayagues, outlines some of the critical work that was done by CDAC Network members and other partners in getting information to those most affected by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique

  • Case Study: Bihar Flood Response - the impact of reliable and timely information

    First Response Radio | Mar 2018

    In August 2017 large parts of Bihar in India were flooded along with other parts of North India, Nepal and Bangladesh. First Response Radio India responded to provide vital relief information, psychosocial support and opportunities for affected communities to communicate with authorities and each other. This case study captures what happened.

  • Monitoring Citizen Voices During the Ebola Crisis

    Ground Truth | Aug 2015

    This case study follows Ground Truth's activities through the Ebola Crisis of 2015 where it administered regular surveys to provide decision-makers with regular, real-time feedback from citizens about the aid they were receiving.

  • The Kenya Red Cross Society's iVolunteer initiative

    Mulki Nuh | Aug 2015

    A case study on the Kenya Red Cross Society's iVolunteer initiative which aims to connect with digital activists and use their online capabilities to help with rescue and recovery efforts, digitally.

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