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This section of the website is intended as a one-stop-shop for resources on #commisaid. It is made up of three sections:

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This library of resources is continually updated as new materials become available. We are interested in hearing your views on the resources available on our website. If you’d like to comment on a resource, please use the comments boxes provided.

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Research and Reports

Tools and Guidelines

CDAC Network Publications

Latest Resources

  • BBC Media Action: Gaza Lifeline Programming Communication & Information Needs Assessment

    BBC Media Adction | Sep 2014

    BBC Media Action continue their work in Gaza with Lifeline Programming and a presentation of their latest findings from their communication and information needs assessment is shared here.

  • Noula and the Local Technological Response

    Wall, I., Chéry, Y.G. | Jul 2014

    This case study provides an overview of the Noula project, an online system developed by local actors in order to match needs of crisis affected people with sources of humanitarian assistance.

  • The Internews Research Unit

    Wall, I., Chéry, Y.G. | Jul 2014

    A case study describing the research that Internews conducted in Haiti on the impact of their humanitarian news programme, and the knowledge-sharing and partnerships that developed out their decision to share their work.

About the CDAC Network

The CDAC Network aims to ensure that communities affected by, and prone to, crisis are better able to withstand and recover from humanitarian emergencies, and are actively engaged in decisions about the relief and recovery efforts in their country.

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