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  • CDAC Network announces Geoff Loane as the new chair of the board of trustees

    CDAC Network | Dec 2019

    The CDAC Network is delighted to announce Geoff Loane as the new Chair of Trustees to take over from Sir Brendan Gormley who has served as chair since 2013.

  • The use of radio to facilitate women’s rights and empowerment in Niger

    CDAC Network | Nov 2019

    CDAC member Fondation Hirondelle has recently published a report looking at the impact of local radio use to facilitate women’s rights and empowerment in Niger

  • Pocket Guide to Communication Needs Assessments - out now in French!

    CDAC Network | Nov 2019

    Suite of common tools to assess the information and communication needs of communities affected by disasters - now available in both English and French

  • Sources and circulation of information in the DRC - the case of North Kivu

    Fondation Hirondelle | Nov 2019

    A new report has recently been published by, among others, CDAC member Fondation Hirondelle looking at the way in which information reinforces and distorts messaging around the Ebola response in North Kivu in the DRC.

  • Innovative technology connecting hard-to-reach populations in Vanuatu

    CDAC Network | Nov 2019

    Vanuatu, in the Pacific, is resilient. And that’s because it has to be. Here's how the CDAC Network is helping to connect hard-to-reach populations.

  • Putting Communication at the heart of Humanitarian Response to the Venezuela Migration Crisis

    Dahlia | Sep 2019

    CDAC member, Dahlia, recently conducted a mission to understand the humanitarian communication mechanisms in the response to the Venezuelan migration crisis. Here's what they found...

  • C4D in Humanitarian Action

    CDAC Network | Sep 2019

    We are pleased to share the following UNICEF C4D case studies related to work done in Ghana, Guatemala, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Syria and Ukraine.

  • Expert training guide on communication and community engagement

    CDAC Network | Sep 2019

    The core document of CDAC’s Technical Training is the Facilitator’s Guide – a document that leads facilitators, agencies and staff through an all-inclusive journey in Communication and Community Engagement best practice.

  • BBC Media Action launches new humanitarian website

    BBC Media Action | Aug 2019

    BBC Media Action has launched a new humanitarian website with research, video examples and commentary on what people want from media in a crisis, and how the media can best help people affected.

  • Perceptions of community engagement in the Cyclone Idai response

    CDAC Network | Aug 2019

    In this perceptions survey, CDAC partner, Equip Mozambique, spoke to communities that had been affected by the Cyclone and had received aid to ascertain the perceived levels of community engagement from organisations that responded

  • British Red Cross launches new online knowledge-sharing platform

    British Red Cross | Aug 2019

    The British Red Cross has launched its Community Engagement and Accountability hub to provide tools, resources and training materials to volunteers and staff within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and aid workers across the sector.

  • Communication is key to overhaul safeguarding

    Marian Casey-Maslen | Jul 2019

    For many, the word safeguarding does not mean very much. It does not necessarily capture people's experience or understanding of these issues.Are we doing enough to get vital information across for people to understand what needs to be done to put adequate measures in place, and, importantly, how to report abuses?

  • Innovation only works for people if participation is core

    Hannah Murphy | Jul 2019

    We’ve seen first-hand how innovation will only work long term for people affected by disaster if they have a key role in the process and outcomes are, to some degree, locally owned and led.

  • Learning from communities in Nepal

    Soledad Muniz, InsightShare; Tamar Gabay, BRC UK; and Sushama Pandey, BRC Nepal | Jul 2019

    British Red Cross and the Nepal Red Cross Society wanted to integrate more participatory approaches into their planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting - here's how they did it.

  • Tools and resources for the Mozambique response

    CDAC Network | Jun 2019

    All of the tools and resources developed by the CDAC Network for the response in Mozambique in Portuguese and the three key local languages of Sena, Ndau and Chwabo.

  • Local media analysis highlights voices of Ebola affected communities

    Ingrid Gercama, Anthrologica | May 2019

    The response in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is struggling to bring the Ebola outbreak under control and the World Health Organization recently reported a rise in the number of new cases. Ingrid Gercama from CDAC Network member, Anthrologica, reports on how local media is helping to combat the crisis.

  • Innovation is pushing communication and community engagement mainstream

    Hannah Murphy/CDAC Network | May 2019

    The DEPP Innovation Labs Global Demo Day on May 8 marked the culmination of a two-year global innovation programme CDAC Network is co-leading with Start Network to prioritise the local knowledge, resources and skills of communities vulnerable to or facing disasters. Here's what happened

  • How to Guide: now available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

    CDAC Network | May 2019

    The How to Guide on Communication and Community Engagement is now available in four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Download all for free!

  • Deutsche Welle Akademie joins the CDAC Network

    CDAC Network | May 2019

    In May 2019, the CDAC Network was delighted to welcome Germany’s leading organisation for international media development, Deutsche Welle Akademie, to the membership.

  • Communicating with communities in Mozambique

    CDAC Network/Mercedes Sayagues | May 2019

    Just before midnight on Thursday 14th March, Cyclone Idai battered the port city of Beira, in central Mozambique, and swept a path of destruction 300km inland into Zimbabwe.In this powerful photo story from the CCEA coordinator to the response, Mercedes Sayagues, outlines some of the critical work that was done by CDAC Network members and others.

  • Is your innovation really people smart?

    Martin Dawes/CDAC Network | May 2019

    ‘Tectonic shift’ happening in favour of South-South exchange of ideas - ideas from the CDAC Network's 7 May event: Accidental and intentional humanitarian innovation: valuing what’s there.

  • CDAC 2018 Annual Report - out now!

    CDAC Network | May 2019

    2018 marked ten years since CDAC’s inception. 2018 was also a year of innovation, of coordination collective communication and community engagement, and of connecting the humanitarian and development divide. Read the 2018 CDAC Annual Report.

  • Building resilience and health in cyclone affected Gorongosa, Mozambique

    Mercedes Sayagues, CDAC Network | Apr 2019

    Deolinda Jose’s’ booming voice and lively personality make her an excellent story teller. And a powerful story she tells to listeners of Radio Gorongosa. How radio is saving lives in cyclone-hit Mozambique.

  • Radio saves lives: How Radio Nhamatanda helps people survive cyclone Idai

    Mercedes Sayagues, CCE Adviser and Coordinator, Mozambique | Apr 2019

    When the roof blew off and corrugated zinc sheets got entangled in cables, Tembe pulled them down. He moved the console and tried to keep things dry. In the morning, he went home. “I no longer had a home,” he said. “Gone.”

  • Communication is Aid video - now available in Portuguese

    CDAC Network | Apr 2019

    Our popular Communication is Aid video has, until now, been available in English, Frenchand Arabic. To assist those working on the response to Cyclone Idai and in other parts of the world, we have made the video available with Portuguese subtitles.

  • REGISTER NOW: Accidental and intentional humanitarian innovation: valuing what’s there. A CDAC Network event on 7 May 2019, London

    CDAC Network | Apr 2019

    Have we overcomplicated humanitarian innovation? Are we too quick to overlook and dismiss localised solutions and coping mechanisms? Join us on 7 May 2019 in London to discuss!

  • Cyclone Idai response: tools for communication and community engagement

    Tools and resources for those responding to Cyclone Idai | Mar 2019

    The CDAC Network, its members and partners have a number of tools for use by those responding to disasters, such as that currently impacting communities in south eastern Africa following the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai.

  • Drought warning information service for northeast Kenya farmers

    CDAC Network | Mar 2019

    “Every year drought is stronger and lasts for longer periods, threatening the lives of more and more people as water and food sources get smaller...” The story of community innovations that are changing the way we respond to disasters

  • Backing community-led innovation to reduce disaster risks

    CDAC Network | Feb 2019

    The Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) Innovation Labs is a two-year programme that aims to foster, and eventually scale up, innovations that address key problems faced by disaster-prone communities. Download the briefing paper for all the aims, objectives and results from this programme.

  • Are languages being translated in crisis situations?

    CDAC Network | Feb 2019

    During major social disruptions, such as civil conflicts, natural disasters, and other crises, access to information is of fundamental importance to response and recovery operations. A new report just launched tells us how we are doing in the translation of information into local languages.

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