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The infoasaid e-learning course aims to raise awareness about the key components of effective communication with crisis-affected communities, and to build knowledge and skills on how to communicate in practice.

The course is divided into five modules. The first two introduce learners to the course and the key concepts it covers. The remaining three modules are interactive, scenario-based challenges and involve learners having to make key decisions to do with communication during an earthquake, a post-conflict situation, and a hurricane/flood.

Disclaimer: The module incorrectly states that completion certificates are available via email. The CDAC Network is unable to issue completion certificates as the course was created by infoasaid, which is no longer operational. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The modules are divided up as follows:

  1. How to use this course
  2. Why communication matters
  3. Knowing your target audience
  4. Crafting and adapting messages
  5. Communication: A two-way process

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The CDAC Network is a growing platform of more than 30 humanitarian, media development, social innovation, technology, and telecommunication organisations, dedicated to saving lives and making aid more effective through communication, information exchange and community engagement.

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