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As well as saving lives, information reduces suffering in the wake of disaster
Markku Niskala, Former Secretary General of the IFRC

Who We Are

The CDAC Network is a  unique cross-sector collaboration.The key principles of collaboration and partnership underpin the way Network Members work together to respond to the challenges facing humanitarian action, as emergencies increase in magnitude and complexity.

The CDAC Network’s purpose is to position communicating with communities at the heart of preparedness, response and recovery. This enhances the effectiveness of aid; fosters greater accountability, transparency and trust; and improves the outcomes experienced by affected people. Importantly, it enables stronger communication within affected communities and between affected people and other stakeholders.

The aims of the CDAC Network are that:

  • Affected communities are better able to access life-saving information, voice their needs, ideas and feedback, and make informed decisions about their immediate recovery
  • Humanitarian practitioners and organisations are better prepared and able to provide life-saving information and communicate with crisis-affected communities, enhancing the effectiveness of their response
  • The humanitarian system has the capability to ensure that communication with affected communities becomes a predictable, consistent and resourced element of disaster preparedness, response and recovery, including through the use of innovative technology and partnerships where appropriate and cost-effective

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